What's New in Version 5.2.6


  • Added new filtering options to the Project page. 
  • Made multiple changes to app design for consistency and ease of use.
  • Added support for MySQL (JDBC), and mariaDB connections in the Database Explorer Tool.
  • Added API support for Variables including Project Variables list, Add Variable, Edit Variable, Delete Variable, and Run with Variable executions.


  • Resolved multiple issues with the Create Defect window for the Jira Defect Integration.
  • Resolved a situation with certain Slack notifications from Orchestrations.
  • Resolved an issue in the TestRail Integration with linking test cases.
  • Resolved a scenario in which certain Action flags were not responding in certain Test Cases.
  • Resolved an issue with changes made via Bulk Update not saving in certain Test Cases.
  • Resolved a situation with character limits in certain fields.
  • Resolved an issue with saving updates to Actions within Page Objects.