What's New in Version 5.2.5


  • Added SSL Certificate management support in API Explorer.
  • Enabled the Selector Type panel in the Action Settings of Not on Page Actions.
  • Added the ability to select and copy text displayed in an Action.
  • Updated Audit Log to include more details for Action alterations, test executions, and test restorations.
  • Updated Learning Mode to include mobile Test Cases.
  • Made multiple design updates throughout the app for consistency and ease of use.


  • Resolved an issue with mapping Page Object Actions in certain test cases.
  • Resolved a scenario in which Upload Actions were not able to prior Download Actions performed earlier in the test as the file source.
  • Resolved an issue in certain test cases with using auto-mapping for TDM data sources.
  • Resolved a situation with certain test case Tags displaying incorrectly.
  • Resolved an issue with copying test cases from one Project to another.
  • Resolved a scenario where certain edits to Page Object Parameters were not being saved.
  • Resolved an issue with certain Orchestrations not executing all the included test cases.
  • Resolved a situation in which certain TDM data sources were downloading incorrectly.
  • Resolved an issue with certain Orchestrations not displaying the option to re-run a failed test case.
  • Resolved a scenario with URL changes not saving when made via Action Settings.