Learning Mode

Functionize gathers thousands of data elements while executing your tests so our Machine Learning Engine can build models to learn your site and adapt to changes. In order to improve the efficacy of our models and optimize learning, you'll enable Learning Mode once your test has been refined to your satisfaction. 

Previously, we modeled and learned from every test regardless of pass/fail status. This led to longer learning times to correct instances where the system modeled on broken or failing tests. With Learning Mode, you have the freedom to fine tune your test without data collected from incomplete or inaccurate workflows that could lead to false positive results.

Once your new test completes its first passing execution, you will be prompted to Approve the test for learning. Continue adjusting until the test is ready, then enable Learning Mode via the banner or the Test Settings (both explained below). 

Note: This has no impact to tests created prior to the Functionize v5.2.2.1 release.

Learning Mode Banner

At the first successful execution of your test, the approval banner will appear on the Test Detail page.

  • Click Approve if the test is ready for ML Data gathering.
  • To dismiss the message temporarily, click Ignore. The banner will reappear the next time you log in to Functionize.
  • To dismiss the message permanently for this test, check "Don't show notification again".

Learning Mode in Test Settings

  1. Open the Actions Menu, Select Test Settings.
  2. The setting "Not Approved for Learning" is on the General Tab. By default this setting is enabled as Learning Mode is not yet activated. 
  3. Uncheck the box "Not Approved for Learning" to enable Learning Mode. Click Save.

Learning Mode Status 

The Test Listing page displays a reminder under each test that hasn't yet been approved.

Remember, this feature does not apply to tests created prior to this release and those tests will not be marked with regards to Learning Mode.