URL Override

URL Override Overview

You may encounter a testing scenario where you wish to test multiple sites without creating multiple tests. Functionize offers the option to override the originally recorded URL with a different site. This is especially helpful when testing in multiple environment.

This field also supports comma delimited lists to override multiple URLs per test.

Note: This will not work without the leading https:// for each URL.


URL Override

  1. Open your project and select your test to view the Test Details page
  2. In the Actions menu, select Test Settings

  3. Open the Advanced tab

  4. In the Environment Management field, enter the new site(s) to test using the format below
  5. Click Save

  6. A success message will display to confirm the change

  7. The new URL will be tested during the next execution of the test, see below that the Current URL is the new site compared to the original site listed in Modeled and Previous Successful Run columns

Field Input Format

Single URL Override:

For example:

Multiple URL Override:

For example: