What's New in Version 5.2.2


  • Added "Class" attribute as an option for TDM data source mapping.
  • Added CSV and XLS versions of TDM Template for downloading in test cases.
  • Added capability to set Maximum Verification Errors equal to number of Actions within test.
  • Made several small design improvements for consistency and ease of use around the app.
  • Resolved an issue with inserting Page Objects during Local Edit sessions.
  • Resolved a scenario in which certain tests were not selecting the correct value from the TDM mapped data.
  • Resolved an issue with Train the AI option not appearing for certain tests.
  • Resolved a situation where the Test Detail displayed the wrong step for a certain Decision Action.
  • Resolved an issue with editing Instructions within Page Objects.
  • Resolved a scenario where certain test cases were not displaying the correct value for Verify Actions comparing different steps.
  • Improved error handling related to editing Match Requirement Percentage, Wait Actions, Jira Defect Integration, and Share Test Results.
  • Resolved an issue in which certain test URLs were not opening as expected.
  • Resolved a situation with copying certain Projects.
  • Resolved an issue with updating Input Action values for certain test cases.
  • Resolved a scenario in which a failed run was displayed as the Previous Successful Run for certain test cases.
  • Resolved an issue with deleting certain test case Instructions.
  • Resolved a situation in which changing a URL within certain Page Objects did not properly update the test case.
  • Resolved an issue with adding Verify Actions to certain tests via Live Debug sessions.