What's New in Version 5.1.9


  • Added Jira Defect Creation capability to historical executions if a project has the integration enabled.
  • Added new API call to view details of test executions within a specified date range.
  • Added new API call to view details of downloaded files from individual tests.
  • Added option in the CLI to override the pre-defined site under test for individual executions.
  • Updated support in TDM Data Sources to include all current Action Types.
  • Updated performance of Import Actions sequence.
  • Updated Local Edit capability to save Instructions as well as Actions.


  • Resolved an issue with certain Orchestration result emails not displaying failure reasons.
  • Resolved a scenario in which certain unselected Actions were added to a test.
  • Resolved multiple issues with Quick Select involving Page Objects and Input Actions.
  • Resolved a situation with adding test cases to sequential orchestrations. 
  • Resolved an issue with token expiration and related error handling.
  • Resolved a scenario in which editing NLP test plans did not prompt the user about remodeling the test case.
  • Resolved an issue with Restore a Version not consistently saving properly.
  • Resolved a scenario where the Skip Action flag would not disengage in certain tests.
  • Resolved an issue in which the Previous Successful Run data was not populating.
  • Resolved multiple design issues in various areas of the app including confirmation dialogs, Orchestration results, Page Objects, Smart Fix, Action Settings, and NLP execution results.
  • Resolved a situation with copying certain test cases.
  • Resolved an issue with displaying the Notes field on Actions within Page Objects.
  • Resolved a scenario where Live Debug would not pause on breakpoints set within Page Objects.