What's New in Version 5.1.6


  • Improved design and performance of Live Debug executions.
  • Resolved multiple design issues including displaying special characters, Action Settings, Anomalous Attributes, Slider View, Restore Version, and test performance reports.
  • Resolved an issue with deleting PageInit actions.
  • Resolved a situation in which Orchestration result emails contained an incorrect execution link.
  • Restored an action flag that had been removed erroneously.
  • Resolved an issue in calculating available Live Debug sessions.
  • Resolved a scenario in which Page Objects were not responding when selected to convert to standard actions for deletion.
  • Resolved multiple issues with the Functional Tests list page involving filters, tags, and recent execution details.
  • Resolved an issue with selecting and displaying long data strings in Quick Select actions.
  • Resolved several issues with mapping Actions to Instructions in certain test cases.
  • Resolved an issue with updating Visual Verification baseline images.
  • Resolved an issue with Local Edit launching to the previous site if the URL had been edited prior to the most recent execution.