What's New in Version 5.1.3


  • Improved filtering performance in the Reports dashboard.
  • Added .txt format option to file conversion tool.
  • Improved Functionize CLI Tunnel service.
  • Enhanced access to viewing Orchestration run history.
  • Added runtime version to Test Settings window.
  • Updated "Report to AI" feature to "Train the AI" and improved reporting options.


  • Corrected an issue where the stop button for a test execution was not visible.
  • Resolved a design issue with the Jira Defect Integration.
  • Resolved multiple issues related to project, user, and execution limits.
  • Corrected a misdirected link for viewing historical execution details.
  • Resolved a design issue when reviewing incomplete modeling for NLP tests.
  • Resolved multiple issues with Live Debug including displayed screenshots not corresponding to the active test Action, Watch Now button not displaying, and hanging at launch.
  • Eliminated an errant display issue with a certain test action.
  • Resolved multiple issues in Slider View involving screenshot comparisons and current action screenshots.
  • Resolved a situation where Actions were not saving when inserted into certain tests.
  • Resolved an issue with Local Edit not launching to the site under test.
  • Resolved an issue in Verify actions when comparing attributes from prior actions in the test.
  • Resolved a naming issue for Project Variables.
  • Resolved an issue with selecting elements using Quick Select in certain tests.
  • Resolved a design issue with multiple status messages throughout the product.
  • Corrected an issue with display of MouseX and MouseY coordinates.