Input Action Encryption

Functionize offers the option to encrypt specified Input Action text values and decrypt the values as needed during test executions. This information will be encrypted and hidden in your test's execution screenshots and the data will not be saved as plain text in execution logs.

NOTE: Encrypting a value in an existing test will not reflect on any previous executions of the test. 


Input Encryption in Architect

  1. Launch Architect and begin recording your test.
  2. Add text to an input field. 
  3. Click the white circle to open the action.
  4. Click Encrypt. Click Save.KeyStore3.png
  5. NOTE: The text will not be masked while you record the test or in the Architect screenshots. The encryption will take effect when the test is executed.
  6. The action's element details include a "true" value for the encrypt attribute.


Input Encryption in Test Detail Page

  1. Open the Test Detail page for your test case.
  2. View the encrypted Input action with the masked value.
  3. Open the Action Settings and note that in the Settings tab, the input value is masked.
  4. Open the Advanced tab to see the option to uncheck Encrypt for that value. Changes made to the Encrypt status of an Input will not be reflected in screenshots until the test has been executed again. 


Input Encryption in Slider View

  1. Open the Slider View for your test via the View Results button.
  2. In the panel of actions on the left, the input value is masked. In the footer, the Attribute's value is masked in each state. And in the main view, the input field is obscured for the Current screenshot.
  3. Note that while the value is masked in the Action and Footer, the Architect recording screenshot will display the text unaltered.
  4. As on the Test Detail page, the Action Settings display the masked input value and the Advanced tab has the option to select or deselect Encrypt. Changes made to the Encrypt status of an Input will not be reflected in screenshots until the test has been executed again. 

Executing Tests with Encrypted Values

During Live Execution or Live Debug runs, the value is masked in the panel of Actions on the left and the input field is obscured when the value is entered.

Sharing Execution Results with Encrypted Values

  1. Click the Share button on the right to send a link to a read-only view of the test. 
  2. Only the masked value can be seen in this version. The Action Settings can also be viewed, but not altered.
  3. Click the View Results button to see the read-only results in Slider View. As with the Test Detail page, only the masked value is visible. In addition, the read-only view does not include the option to view screenshots from Architect or Previously Successful runs. 

Items of Note

  1. If an encrypted value is used as data via Previous Action, that value will NOT be encrypted automatically. KeyStore21.png

  2. If the encryption status is changed in Test Detail or Slider View, the test must be executed again to see the updated result. In the example below, the Encrypt was on during the execution and then turned off via Action Settings while viewing the results. Note that the panel of Actions and the Footer include the plain text while the screenshot displays the obscured field.KeyStore16.png
  3. We make our Best Effort to obscure the input field. This cover will not persist if your test navigates to another page and returns to the input field page. If you need the input field obscured during multiple sections of your test, you can add custom JavaScript to the affected Actions to obscure the field. Please contact us if you need help in this area.