Release 5.1 Feature Highlights


Release v5.1 is taking Functionize to a whole new level with dramatic upgrades to major areas improving usability and giving you more options in test customization!

Key 5.1 Features Include:

  • Significant UI/UX improvements for Architect, Test Detail page, and Slider View!
  • Removed ADV toggle: View all Actions in the redesigned Architect left panel
  • No more Action Log or Attribute Editor: Centralized and consistent Action Settings
  • Easier Test Editing: Edit Actions directly in Architect, Test Details, or Slider View
  • Streamlined customization: Quick integrated access to TDM and Extensions
  • Add more Actions: More Actions can be added from Test Detail page and Slider View
  • Enhanced view options: Zoom, pan, and expand to Full Screen in Slider View
  • Train the AI: Help to fine-tune the model with Report to AI

Architect Enhancements

The ADV toggle for accessing Advanced Actions has been removed. Every option is now in one place! Just click the plus to open the left panel displaying all the hits: Data & Variables, Verify, Control, Tools, and Advanced Actions. 

Edit all your Actions directly from Architect as well. Click the white circle on the left during recording to open the Action Settings and make changes as needed.


Learn more about Architect

Test Detail Page Improvements

Edit your test from the stateless Actions Tab or from any Browser Results tab that's run a complete execution of the test. Edits will be applied and carried out in the next execution, regardless of where the change was made. 

Test Data Management (TDM) is now fully integrated into the Test Detail page! Download templates, upload and select source files, and map directly to the appropriate Action. 

Previously, only four Actions could be added into a Test from here, now there are fourteen to choose from. 


Learn more about the Test Detail page

Slider View Updates

See at a glance what Test you're in, the active URL, and attribute data recorded for each Action! Compare screenshots between the original recording in Architect, Current results, and the previous successful execution of the test. Need to see details? Zoom in, pan, and even expand the screenshots to full screen! Quickly switch between results in different Browsers to ensure consistent site performance. 

Edit each Action just as you would in the Test Detail page, easily make fixes with Quick Select or Local Edit. Customizations are also streamlined into the same Action Settings as you'll see in the Test Detail page. Choose from over twenty different Actions to insert directly from Slider View for more accurate tests.


Learn more about Slider View

Action Settings

All Actions in the Test Detail page and Slider View have had a redesign, making alterations consistent and easy to access. Add Extensions, TDM, Outcome and Selector overrides, and Pre- or Post-scripts from one place. Action Settings gathers options from the Attribute Editor and Action Log into a central location which includes flags, settings, and editable attributes for every Action. 


Learn more about Action Settings

Report to AI

The new Report to AI feature allows you to fine-tune your machine learning models. Help train the AI to more accurately interact with your application. Specify what type of error occurred and report it to our data science team. 


Learn more about Report to AI