Slider View

 Slider View Overview

The Slider View is a detailed, interactive look at test execution results for each browser, with step by step screenshots, before and after comparison views, and network and cookie details to help with troubleshooting!

See the results to easily and visually understand what’s passed and failed, as well as the details of what changed. High definition screenshots are captured before, during, and after each action. Compare the results of your test's most recent execution with when it was created, or its previous successful execution.


Access the Slider View

  1. Open any Browser Results tab on the Test Details page with a completed execution
  2. Click the View Results button or click the View button to the right of any action

Tour of the Slider View


  1. Test Name | Browser tabs:

    • Switch to the execution results for different Browsers

  2. Screenshot Comparison:
    • View the selected action as it appeared during this execution (Cur), the previous successful run (Prev) or when the action was recorded in Architect (Arc)
    • See the current screenshot side-by-side with either the previous successful run or with Architect recording

  3. URL | Screenshot Interval | Zoom | Expand:
    • View and Copy the URL recorded for each action
    • Select from three screenshots taken Pre Action, Mid Action and Post Action
    • Zoom In or Out on the screenshot display
    • Expand to see the full screen capture of the action

  4. Exit Slider View:
    • Return to the Test Details page

  5. Screenshot display:

    • View each action to find why an Action may have failed and where your test can be improved
    • Drag the Slider bar to compare differences with the side-by-side screenshot comparison

  6. Test Actions panel:

    • Select an action in the test steps to see the associated screenshots and data captured during recording and execution results
    • Expand the action to see the setting flags dependent on the action
    • The Step Action menu, select Local Edit, Create a Defect (only if Jira Defect integration is enabled), Train the AI, Fail Step or Delete the action
    • Click the gearicon to open the Action Settings

  7. Page Object:

    • Page Objects are surrounded by a dark border, as on the Test Details page

  8. Footer:

    • View and Copy Attribute data for the action as recorded in the Current execution, the Previous Successful Run, and as it was recorded in Architect, Modeled
    • Network Logs will display when available
      Note: For Network Logs select the checkbox Capture Network Logs from Advance section of Setting at Test or Project level.

    • Console Logs will display when available
      Note: For Console Logs select the checkbox Capture Console Logs from Advance section of Setting at Test or Project level.

    • Expand the Footer panel to your preference

  9. Previous and Next Action:

    • Use the Left and Right Arrow buttons to step through the test screenshots, one step at a time

 Insert an Action

  1. Open the Slider View for a test in your project
  2. Hover between actions and the Add Action ⊕ icon will appear

  3. Click the Insert Action ⊕ icon to view the Insert menu, select the action to insert into the test
    Note: All actions are available, both element-based actions and non-element-based.

  4. Element-based actions will prompt the user to select the element in the screenshot for the action

  5. Enter settings in the modal according to the action selected

  6. Click Insert
  7. The new action is now inserted in place in the test
    Note: There will not be a screenshot available for the action until the next test execution. The attribute data in the Footer will also be unavailable until a successful test execution.

Each Action has certain settings, flags, and information associated with it.

See User Guide: Action Settings

See also: Action Types  

See also: Test Details Page