Page Object Parameterization

Define new parameters and the associated values in Page Objects to easily alter testing data.

Modify Parameters

  1. Open your Test.
  2. Click the Modify Parameters button in the upper right of the Page Object.
  3. Click Add New Parameter.
  4. Select the Step in the Page Object to be modified.
  5. Select the Attribute for modification.
  6. Select the appropriate Operator.ModifyParameter5Operator.png
  7. Enter the new associated Value.ModifyParameter6Value.png
  8. Add all parameters as needed. Click Save.ModifyParameter7Save.png
  9. A message will appear confirming the Test Case has been updated.
  10. The new values will be tested in the next Test execution.
    NOTE: Once you have executed the test with the new parameters in place, the Browser Results tab will display [Parameterized] on any Actions with modified parameters.