Rearrange Actions in a Test

How to Rearrange Actions

In the Functionize tool, Rearrange Actions, refers to the capability of modifying the order of actions within a test. This feature allows users to easily reorganize the sequence of steps performed during test execution.

By rearranging actions, users can customize the flow and logic of their tests to match specific scenarios or requirements. This flexibility enables them to optimize test cases, ensure proper test coverage, and simulate realistic user interactions.

The Rearrange Actions functionality typically involves a drag-and-drop interface or an intuitive interface that allows users to move actions up or down within the test structure easily. This way, they can quickly adjust the order of actions without the need for complex manual editing or script modifications.

This feature in the Functionize tool enhances test development efficiency, as it simplifies the process of modifying and refining test cases. It enables users to iterate and fine-tune their tests quickly, saving time and effort in test creation and maintenance.


Rearrage Actions in a Test

  1. Open your test
  2. Hover over the handle icon at the left edge of the Action to be rearrangedReArrangeActions1Pointer.png
  3. Click and drag the Action to the new order, the Action numbering will update as needed

  4. Click Update at the bottom right corner of the screen to save the changesRearrangeActions3updateButton.png

  5. Confirm the changes