What's New in Version 5.0.4


  • Added Smart Screenshot support to Page Objects.
  • Provided additional details for test results sent to Xray via the new Integration.


  • Resolved an issue where Extensions could not be created.
  • Fixed a scenario where a mobile test was not saving properly.
  • Eliminated an issue with certain action types not saving in the Action Log.
  • Resolved a situation with certain tests not displaying properly in the Actions tab.
  • Fixed an issue with a missing error message.
  • Resolved design issues in the following areas: Slider View footer, Advanced Project Settings, using Quick Select in tests without page objects, Page Object test lists, Page Object details, Mobile test save modal, and results after a Live Debug execution.
  • Fixed an issue with a missing error message.
  • Resolved a situation with marking steps in page objects as failed.
  • Fixed an issue with the View Results button in the History tab of a test case.
  • Added Project Search option to Project list drop-down menu.
  • Added Run Type parameter to Orchestration APIs.
  • Expanded details received for failed steps in Orchestrations in API.
  • Resolved a scenario with file viewer handling when there is no attachment.
  • Fixed an issue with VisPageChk actions not displaying in Slider View for some page objects.
  • Added capability with Orchestration APIs to set default datasets and delete default datasets.