Functionize Command Line Interface (CLI)

The Functionize CLI offers you the opportunity to perform all actions available via our API endpoints without needing to use the Functionize GUI. The Functionize CLI also allows you to connect with external tools more easily. 

  1. Use the Functionize CLI to connect to non-public websites. This may be necessary if your application under test is only accessible with a special connection or runs locally. If so, the CLI supports a simple tunneling option to connect to a private site. This is much easier than setting up a white list for all our servers.
  2. Use the Functionize CLI to integrate with CI/CD tools. Imagine if your CI/CD could execute your Functionize orchestrations and wait for the results before releasing new features. Well, with the Functionize CLI you can build efficient multi-stage pipelines from Jenkins with a simple one line command. The Functionize CLI enables Functionize to seamlessly fit into any DevOps toolchain.


Download and Install the Functionize CLI


Functionize CLI Tunneling