Architect 2.1.22

Download the latest Architect version HERE.

  • Added functionality for the tab key, behind a setting, to assist with accessibility testing.
  • Fixed an issue with load delays in Live Edit leading to inability to edit.
  • Eliminated an issue in Live Debug with failed test steps not always opening Architect. 
  • Fixed a situation with Architect being captured in Visual Check screenshots.
  • Eliminated a security issue related to opening Architect in Live Debug. 
  • Added additional lazy load detection for more scenarios.
  • Improved form data collection performance.
  • Resolved multiple issues related to drag and drop action selectors. 
  • Fixed an issue with inconsistent capturing of screenshots and ML data in some tests. 
  • Resolved a situation where actions weren't recording during certain failed actions in Live Debug. 
  • Added right-click functionality while recording tests. 
  • Resolved design issue in Architect action selection.