What's New in Version 4.1


  • A restructuring of the test listing page has been implemented which allows the user to build deeply nested hierarchies for test cases and page objects.
  • Drastically improved performance to the test listing page.
  • Updated UX and UI of the project's test listing page.
  • A selector snippets dropdown has been added to selectors to offer an easier way to select from a list of automatically populated selector options both in-product and Architect. See Customizing Tests with Selectors.
  • Single Sign On (SSO) support has been added for SAML 2.0/ Azure AD integration.
  • Execution time now displays in Run History.
  • Video playback player now supports play/pause, full screen and volume options.
  • Orchestration alert emails now include the environment(s) used. 


  • Fixed an issue with copy project functionality.
  • Bulk action updates have been made to the bulk action dropdown menu.
  • Resolved a region mapping issue in TDM attachments.
  • Fixed an issue with the Change URL button not saving the url correctly.
  • An issue with adding extensions using Architect has been resolved.
  • Updated the messaging for reordering tests in Orchestrations.
  • Resolved a missing data issue with "Last Successful Run".
  • Resolved an issue with incorrect cloned test case count and naming in Orchestrations.
  • The delete and clone options in Action Log and TDM are now functioning as expected.
  • The "Issue Tracker" navigation link has moved to under the project dropdown menu.