Test Reports

Test Reports Overview

The Test Details page in Functionize offers multiple options to download test actions and test results. These reports can be shared externally or printed for various purposes, such as:

  • Easily assessing if a test fully covers the testing scenario.
  • Quickly viewing and understanding what happened during an execution.
  • Creating training documents.

Types of Reports Available

  1. CSV Test Plan
  2. TXT Network Logs
  3. PDF Test Actions Report
  4. PDF Action Log Report

Below are the details and visual examples for each report.

Access Test Reports

To access and download test reports:

  1. Navigate to the Test Details Page:

    • Open the Test Details page for your test.
  2. Open Test Actions Settings Menu:

    • Click to expand the Reports section of the menu.

  3. Select the Report to Download:

    • Choose the desired report format to download.

Report Details

1. CSV Test Plan

The Download Test Plan (.csv) report provides a table of the test steps based on the instructions in the test, formatted in natural language.

This report includes:

  • Test Step Instruction: Describes what the test step does.
  • Test Step Data: The data used in the test step.
  • Test Step Expected Result: The expected outcome of the test step.
  • Test Step Edited By: Who edited the test step.

2. TXT Network Logs

To download the Network Logs (.txt), ensure the checkbox labeled CAPTURE NETWORK LOGS is checked in the Advanced section of the test settings. Then, execute the test case to receive the Network Log report.

This report includes:

  • HTTP Requests and Responses
  • HTTP Status Codes

3. PDF Test Actions Report

The Export Test Actions (.pdf) report includes full-page screenshots and test execution details. This report is useful for external users to easily see what occurred during a test execution. It also contains a link to the test results.

This report includes:

  • Project Name
  • Test Case Name
  • Test Case Status
  • Execution Date
  • Execution Time
  • Execution Region
  • Summary Number of Instructions
  • Summary Number of Actions
  • Instruction Details
  • Full Page Screenshot for Every Step
  • Current Run Element/URL
  • Modeled Run Element/URL

4. PDF Action Log Report

The Export Action Log (.pdf) report lists all the actions within the test in a straightforward, easy-to-read format.

This report includes for each action:

  • Project Name
  • Test Case Name
  • URL
  • Action Type
  • Element Type
  • Operator Used