Integrating with Functionize APIs

Integrating with Functionize APIs

Functionize's Swagger API documentation is interactive, making it easy to understand how to interact with the Functionize APIs. To use the Functionize APIs, users must first obtain their appropriate API Keys.

To Access API Documentation

  1. Obtain API Keys:

    • Ensure you have obtained your custom API Keys. from the API Keys section under the User Management dropdown.
  2. Access API Documentation:

    • Go to the User Management dropdown menu.
    • Select API Documentation from the dropdown menu.

    Note: The URL will be the Functionize base URL ( being used and then "/api/v4" as shown in screenshot below:

Using Functionize APIs

All API calls will require an accesstoken. This token is generated as a response to the /generateToken call. The /generateToken API call requires keys from the  API Keys page under the User Management menu.

Responses from the API can be set in the request as 'json' or 'xml' to more robustly integrate with external solutions.

Note: Only Team Admins have keys that allow them to access these API management functions.