Release 4.0 Feature Highlights



Release v4.0 is our most exciting release to date! Our intelligent test automation solution took a major leap forward with customer requested enhancements and new features powered by machine learning engine.

Key 4.0 Features Include:


Our goal is to help testers “Test Smarter, Not Harder.” We address the painstaking process of test maintenance using a big data approach with machine learning. Finding real bugs in your application can be difficult especially when your tests are constantly breaking, making them unreliable. SmartFix uses machine learning to identify potential causes of a failures, then recommends ways to fix the broken test with a single click.


SmartFix provides these suggestions for 3 different scenarios: 

1. Element Selection Suggestions where it may provide alternate element suggestions.

2. Verification Suggestions, which offer updates on verification steps when the assertions fail.

3. Password Warnings indicate that a password may be incorrect. There is nothing to update with the test in this scenario, but rather assistance in diagnosing a potential issue.

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Functionize makes it extremely easy to build intelligent tests without code. However, there are scenarios where a user may want to incorporate code to build more sophisticated tests. With the introduction of Extensions, technical users can incorporate Javascript code to perform pre- and post- action calls. These pre-built Extensions can then easily be re-used by non-technical testers on the team to build more complicated tests on their own.


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API Improvements & Swagger Documentation

Our interactive API documentation allows automation engineers and developers to easily see how to use Functionize APIs. Looking for a way to impress your teammates? Integrate your AI-powered test automation with your existing tools to increase transparency and improve the efficiency of your teams. 


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