Proxy Settings

Proxy Settings in Functionize

Customer applications that are behind a firewall require the use of a proxy to access the AUT (Application Under Test). Since not all applications may require a proxy, or may require multiple proxies, a user must set up the proxy on a per-project basis.

Note: We can help users set up their proxy settings so that the application(s) under development are accessible from our execution servers.


To Set a Proxy at the Account-Level

  1. The account administrator must go to the Team >> Settings tab to set up the available proxies, making them accessible for individual projects
  2. Enter the Proxy/ies in the Proxy Setting field. This is a comma-separated list of IP addresses and ports for the proxies provided by Functionize


To Set a Proxy at the Project-Level 

  1. Go to the Project Actions icon , then click on the Project Settings from the options list 
  2. The following window will be displayed, defaulting to the General tab: 
  3. Select the correct Environment where you would like to apply your proxy
  4. Click on the Proxy Settings dropdown and select or input the desired proxy IP and port from the list available for the project  
  5. Click Confirm