What's New in Version 3.19.0


  • A new Side-by-Side Image Comparison feature has been added to the slider view for easier debugging. See Feature Highlights.
  • Advanced TDM options have been added for Read/Write/Update when doing a manual mapping. See TDM - Mapping.
  • The slider view now shows TDM data which includes the orchestration, providing a link to the orchestration results when clicked, and the DataSet, with a link to the orchestration dataset used.
  • Three options to customize and force certain types of selection methods using Selector Type have been added to Action Log for users to specify element selection. This design houses all overrides in one place. See Customizing with Selectors.
  • Additional settings are now available using a list of supported Executors, which include ML, Native Operating System, Native Javascript, Selenium WebDriver, Native OS by Coordinate and Native Javascript By Coordinate. See Customizing Executors.
  • Quick edit hot buttons are now available within the slider to quickly access additional debugging features. See also Live EditAction LogAttributes, and Action Log Settings tab.
  • Improvements in the UX made in slider view and test detail view to allow for easier access to all settings and notes.
  • Page objects now indicate whether a test case was created via NLP or Architect by displaying an identification flag below the page object name under the Page Object tab. 
  • The ability to restore a version with a new test case name is now available.
  • A timeout tab has been added to Advanced Project Settings to help organize settings more effectively.
  • The Edge browser version number is now being displayed.



  • Fixed an issue in Orchestrations with Export Run Report not downloading.
  • Improved a performance issue with test cases having over 150 steps.
  • Fixed a sequencing issue with the dragging of test cases in orchestration groups.
  • Resolved an issue where the percentage (%) was not displaying for computer vision validation in the action log.
  • The ability to change a page object name after it has been saved as an Architect created page object is now available.



  • During Live Edit, Architect will now automatically resize the browser window to previous steps' window size to ensure the test runs accurately after the Live Edit.
  • Now requiring the minimum version of Architect to be v1.3.0.