Getting the Most Out of Self Paced Onboarding & Training


We offer onboarding and training for new users like you to learn Functionize through step-by-step User Guides within our Functionize documentation.

The User Guides are designed to allow you to become active and productive on the Functionize platform as quickly as possible. Statistics show that giving you ownership over your learning creates more internal motivation to learn!

You can find the Help documentation and our User Guides displayed under your username at the top right of the screen upon signing in:


Why Self Guided Training?

  • Convenience: Learn at your own pace.
  • Suited for all types of learning styles: Offers you the ability to refer back to content multiple times, increasing learning and comprehension.
  • No Scheduling Issues: Simply launch the User Guides when you're ready to learn.
  • Ensures Quicker Adoption: Get started with training instantly.
  • Greater Focus: Creates independence, autonomy, and less distraction.

In order to best serve all training needs, we have put together a list of best practices, tips, tricks, as well as useful tidbits for troubleshooting to get the most out of the onboarding & training experience with Product How-To Videos.


What to Expect 

The documentation article Functionize How-To Product Videos with links to multiple How-To videos on Functionize features. Some of our How-To videos will offer tours of different features and functionalities, while others will dive deeper into the how-to, where, and why of our product features. We ask that our new users please be aware of and follow the instructive How-To videos to learn the Functionize platform.

Many of the How-To walkthroughs follow our documentation, tutorials, user guides, and other articles relevant to the different topics being trained on. Search for specific topics from the How-To videos in our Knowledge Center. We will continue to improve this Knowledge Center.


Please be advised that we appreciate you, our new users, and hope this self-guided onboarding experience is successful and positive. We would also greatly appreciate any feedback to better serve your business needs. If assistance is needed at any time, please do not hesitate to contact your Customer Success Manager or email us at