Release v3.19.0 Feature Highlights


Release v3.19.0 introduces several new features that should aid in creating more complex test cases!

  • More advanced TDM capabilities giving you more control over Data Sources
  • An Enhanced UX for viewing tests and updating test settings
  • More settings and control over your test's actions to aid in fixing test cases

Additional Debugging Capabilities

  • A new option to view Side by Side Screenshots comparing screenshots from the previous successful run and Architected or Modeled. Just grab the yellow bar and slide it to get a more detailed comparison highlighting details that otherwise could have been missed.


  • More visibility for Action Notes  The slider has also been updated with easier access to settings and notes, keeping test case debugging and maintenance efficient and easy. Notes created and saved during Architect test case creation or saved in the step details as shown below.... 


...can now be easily accessed in the slider view as identified by a new Notes icon: 



More Control Over Tests

Automated tests require two fundamental actions:

  1. Selecting the correct element
  2. Interacting with the correct element

There are many methods for both selecting and interacting with the same element. This is primarily done with our machine learning algorithms at execution time based on hundreds of thousands of millions of pieces of data. However, there are endless site-specific scenarios where you may want to have more control than what our algorithms can provide. We have introduced the ability to modify the Selector Method and Executor Method.

  • To modify the Executor Method, see Customizing Executors
  • To modify the Selector Method, we provide several options:
    • Our default machine learning selection
    • The ability to add a custom CSS Selector or XPath selector -- with the option to fall back to ML-based selection, or not.
    • The ability to write custom Javascript code to determine what element to select.
    • See Customizing Functionize Tests Using Selectors for more details.

Improved UX for Basic Test Editing 

  • A new Shortcut feature can be located in the slider view where a new cog icon for each step has been added. When the cog icon is clicked, the shortcut selected opens for that step.  Here you will find easy access to all debugging features and settings.


  • In addition, the Action Log and test result details have additional options to set common settings, the executor, and selector methods in-line.

More Advanced TDM Options

Managing accurate, active test data is a difficult task! With v3.19.0, we have added three new advanced capabilities when manually updating the mapping of your test cases to a Data Source.

  • Updating the Data Source record with new data after an orchestration has been executed.
  • Deleting the Data Source record after execution of the orchestration.
  • Adding a New Data Source record based on the resulting Data Set after the orchestration has completed.
  • For more details, see TDM-Mapping.