Opening and Formatting Support Tickets

Functionize Support Account Creation

Creating your Functionize Support account, which is separate from your Functionize platform account, is suggested because your support account allows your support tickets to be tracked within the Functionize support platform, rather than solely through email. This is particularly useful when multiple support tickets are open simultaneously.

Another important aspect of creating a Functionize Support account is that your Functionize admins and project managers can request access to view all support tickets across your organization. This can be extremely helpful in managing larger projects and teams.

To create a support account, navigate to the support portal and click Sign In, then click Sign Up.

Support Ticket Submission

Support Ticket Types

Support tickets are opened using this form, and there are five types of support requests:

  1. Technical support
  2. Bug reports
  3. Feature requests/enhancements
  4. Partner requests
  5. Other

Support Ticket Priorities

Four priorities are provided, ranging from low to critical. Functionize Support uses the priority on a ticket to initially categorize it and escalate the support process internally. After an initial evaluation is complete, the priority may be adjusted by the Functionize Support team based on their understanding of the issue.

Support Ticket Personal Information

If you are not signed into the support center, the ticket requester's email address must be entered in the form so that the Functionize Support team knows who to communicate with regarding the ticket. This is another advantage of creating a support account - you won't have to enter your personal information for each ticket submission.

Support Ticket Titles

Titles should be descriptive so that support agents can understand the problem, route, and prioritize the ticket correctly. Ideally, the title should enable both the Functionize Support team and the ticket requester to distinguish one ticket from another. A good ticket title might be something like 'Test Fails on Click at Step 26', which informs support exactly what and where to look.

Support Ticket Description

Within the support ticket, it's important to include as much detail as possible and describe what's been done to troubleshoot the problem, if anything. Include links to the test case(s), the affected step numbers, or, if reporting a bug, provide all the steps to reproduce it. Screenshots and videos can also be helpful in some cases and can reduce the back-and-forth required on tickets, allowing the Functionize Support team to deliver a resolution more quickly.