Architect Version 1.2.37


  • NLP Live now supports color coded instructions where:

    • Action words = Red

    • Quoted words = Blue

    • Create Variable = Beige

    • All else = Black

  • NLP Live now supports auto completion for instructions.

  • Ability to add a new instruction(step) to a test during test creation via NLP Live is now supported.
  • The ability to walk an instruction is now available. Once an instruction has been added to the test case, the user can Cancel or Walk Instruction.
    • Walk Instruction will save the instructions and place the cursor on the new instruction.
    • Cancel will erase the data in the left panel and not add the instruction.
  • The set of actions listed in the menu has been simplified to the following options: Email, SMS, API, DB, File Viewer, Generate Data, Page Objects.


  • Increased the speed of locating, then setting a page variable.

  • Resolved an issue where Save is now operating as a save-as-you-go, saving all actions.