What's New in Version 3.18.0


  • Keyboard shortcuts have been added to the slider view during live debug. These shortcuts can be found in the form of a tooltip notated as: 
    • Up & Down arrows can be used to navigate between steps.
    • Left & Right arrows can be used to navigate between Previous, Current and Architect views. 
  • New UI enhancements and changes have been added to the Top Navigation in product. See New Navigation Highlights.
  • Enhancements made to the design of all settings pages for better customer experience.
  • A complete overhaul of the Reports tab has been completed. See Reporting Highlights.
  • Performance improvements have been made to the details page and slider view.
  • New standardized comments have been added for:
    • When a failed test case has been released due to site error where modeling is incomplete.  The new message reads, “The test plan for this test case does not match the experience delivered on the site under test. Please verify that the test plan is accurate and submit the test for remodeling. For more details, please check the comment below.”
    • When a modeling error has occurred.  The new message reads, "Your test plan has been modeled, but an error occurred during the modeling.  We are working to resolve this issue."
  • The option to Export a Run Report in orchestrations has been added.
  • An alert message will now display when attempting to enter a Project Variable that exceeds the maximum number of 100 characters.
  • A new set of streamlined action options have been updated for when a test plan has been edited.  These are now simplified to the following options:



  • Page objects are now saving when performing Live Edit.
  • An issue with wait actions being added to the incorrect step on the details page has been resolved. New added actions will be placed on the last selected instruction.
  • An issue where suppressed steps in Current Run were creating all History Run steps to also flag as suppressed has been fixed. Suppressed steps flagged in the current run will now only show in current run and not affect older runs.
  • Deleting a page object will now remove the page object from the test case it was attached to.
  • When deleting a test case that contains a page object, a warning will display asking the user if they would like to delete the page object attached to that test case as well. 
    • If user answers "yes" then the test case AND page object will be deleted.
    • If user answers "no" then only the test case will be deleted.
  • The ability to set a page object when a first or last instruction is shown as blank (modeling has been skipped) is now available.  
  • An issue with the inability to restore a version of a test case has been resolved.
  • The ability to drag and drop a step immediately after performing a drag and drop without the requirement to save in between is now available.



  • Corrected a syntax error in the Generate Error field.