Product Limitations

All Browsers

  • Native features to the browser are not able to be interacted with. This includes
    • Print Dialogs
    • Certain types of native form validations
    • Other browser-native features
  • Current Browser support


  • Certain payment pages that use 3rd party APIs limit certain actions from execution (such as click and input)
  • File uploads are restricted by Safari's security features
  • Video playback with Safari or Mobile Safari is not supported.
  • Safari has a "Glass Pane" feature that does not allow certain types of interactions with the web page outside of webdriver. This can limit some functionality and cause inconsistent behavior with other browsers. The type of limitations can include verifying that actions successfully occurred or specific executors.
    • Hover actions are not supported due to the Glass Pane. 
    • Drag and Drop actions are not supported due to the Glass Pane.

Mobile Browsers

  • Switching between tabs and windows is not supported.
  • Specifically for iOS, the Download PDF feature is not supported.  iOS will instead open the file in a new tab/window as opposed to downloading it like any other supported browser.

Architect Test Creation

  • Switching tabs while recording a test w/ Architect can cause screenshot issues. We recommend opening a new window if multi tasking instead of a new tab. This is due to the timing when the screenshot occurs and when the action executes.
  • Switching to a new tab while recording an Architect test case can lose your test and close down architect. Again, we recommend opening a new browser window and keep that window dedicated to Architect and Functionize.
  • Architect can only verify HTML based sites
    • Architect cannot directly validate PDFs or other types of documents that the browser supports opening directly. In order to verify PDFs and other files, use the File Viewer feature of Architect.
    • Architect cannot validate Flash or Silverlight content
    • Architect cannot validate Java applications
  • Architect can work with multiple TABS within the same window, but not across windows.
  • Architect cannot bypass CAPTCHAs. When possible, on the testing site, disable the CAPTCHA to support automated testing.
  • Architect cannot verify canvas elements, however, we do support computer vision verifications on the full element.
  • Architect cannot navigate within <Object> elements behaving like iFrames. A workaround for this is to use selectors instead of using the default ML selection method.
  • Architect cannot verify downloads that are done purely with javascript as there are no network headers to view/verify the download.
  • Ace, CodeMirror, CKE, TinyMCE, and all WYSIWYG editors have some limited functionality.

NLP Test Creation

  • Functionize requires specific language; vague terms will require additional time
  • Functionize does not understand compound statements (ex. Search google for the first link to Salesforce). We recommend using “Enter X into the search input”, “Click Enter”, “Verify ‘SalesForce’ is present”
  • Functionize cannot use shapes or colors to identify elements. We recommend trying positional text. "Click the 'search icon' to the right of the text 'Search'"
  • Functionize will not include custom code to perform verifications or actions that are not prebuilt, default actions (such as click, navigate, input, verify).
    • For example, Functionize cannot handle “Verify 6 menu items are present”. Instead, this can be performed with a live edit of the test with custom Javascript.
  • NLP can only verify HTML based sites