Create a Page Object Within an Existing Test Case

Create Page Object - Existing Test Case

A Page Object is a reusable set of actions. You can create a Page Object by using Architect or from an Instruction, a set of actions within an already existing test case.  Once you create the Page Object, you can find it under the Page Object tab on the Test Listing page for future use.

In order to create a Page Object, your test case must have Instructions which group actions in a sequence. Instructions can be added directly from the Test Details page or the Slider View. Learn how in this User Guide: Adding Instructions to an Existing Test

See also: Editing Page Objects

Create a Page Object Within an Existing Test Case 

  1. Open a Test
  2. Open the Actions menu and select Create Page Object

  3. Select the Instruction to make into a Page Object and click Update

  4. Give the Page Object a meaningful name and description, then click Submit

  5. Your Instruction is now a Page Object, denoted by the dark border