Adding an Existing Page Object During Test Case Creation in Architect

Adding Existing Page Object in Architect Overview

Once a Page Object, Reusable Element, has been created, it can be added at any time during test creation in Architect.


How to Add an Existing Page Object During Test Case Creation

  1. Page Objects, once created, are stored in the Page Objects tab on the Testing Listing page

  2. To add an existing Page Object to a test during creation, launch Architect for the application under test
  3. To add the Page Object, click on the in Architect to open Architect Advanced Actions
  4. Select Page Objects under the Control section

  5. Choose from the list of available Page Objects

  6. This will open and display the list of test actions related to this Page Object

  7. Click Add to include this page object in the test actions

  8. The page object has now been added to the test, indicated by the green PO tag

  9. Proceed as usual, recording the steps for the test
  10. When test creation is complete, Save and name the test which now includes the Page Object
    Note: The only Test Type available will be Test Case since this test already includes a Page Object and Functionize does not currently allow nested Page Objects.