Architect Page Objects Creation

Creating Page Objects is done exactly the same way as creating a test case in Architect.  Once it has been created, the only difference will be upon saving.  On save, the user will instead select the Test Type = Page Object.  Please see detailed instructions below.

How to Create a Page Object in Architect

  1. To begin, click on Create New Test, then select Architect from the drop down menu. *Note: Architect plugin must be installed.
  2. Enter the starting URL.
  3. Check the box "I understand that no production credentials should be use in my test case."
  4. Click Start Test. (The URL of the application under test will open and Architect will launch.)
  5. In this example let's Create a Page Object by walking the "test case" allowing Architect to record the steps.  Shown in the screenshot below, we are verifying the logo (img), then capturing a hover action for "shop", then capturing the click step on "Top Rated Products" from the drop down menu, sending the application to the "Top Rate Products page" and then verifying the text "Top Rated Products".  See screenshot for reference:
  6. Once finished creating that Page Object, click Save.
  7. Give the Page Object a name, then click Continue
  8. Identify this architected test case as a Page Object by selecting Page Object from the Test Type dropdown menu, then click Submit.mceclip0.png
  9. The Page Object will be saved under the Page Object tab on the Functional Tests page. mceclip1.png
  10. This page object can now be used/added into any test case. See also Set a Page Object Within an Existing Test Case.