Intro & Prerequisites for Training


Getting Started    

It is important to familiarize yourself with all the tools available to you before getting started with training of the Functionize solution. Below is a list of links we recommend you bookmark. 

Functionize Support & Documentation The landing hub for Functionize Support 

Functionize Support Portal Submit technical issues

Functionize User Guides Tutorials, User Guides & Best Practices

Functionize Release Notes Release Notes for Front End and Architect



There are 3 ways to create test cases in Functionize.

1. Architect *preferred

  • All advanced features are available but not required
  • Fully up to user to ensure the test is running
  • Offers immediate feedback 

2. NLP (Natural Language Processing) Live

  • Some advanced features available to include (File Viewer, Email, SMS, Wait)
  • User must walk the flow of the test
  • User has ability to upload instructions
  • Test case still runs through the modelling process so modelling may take hours to return results, though fewer errors in general.
  • Reduced remodelling needed due to errors

 3. NLP (Natural Language Processing) 

  • User can upload instructions
  • Test instructions must be very detailed.
  • Test case still goes through modelling, so modelling may take hours to return


 You are now ready to move on to Training Session 1 - Create a Test, Automate & Execute.