Intro & Getting Started for Training

Getting Started

It is important to familiarize yourself with all the tools available before beginning your training with the Functionize solution. Below is a list of links we recommend you bookmark:

Prerequisites before Creating Your First Test Case:

  1. Watch the Platform WalkThrough
  2. Please read Best Practices for Creating Effective Test Cases before starting your first training session
  3. Install the Architect plugin. Installation instructions can be found here
  4. Review the User Guide section of the documentation on Architect Test Case Creation.



Functionize sends out splash notifications to inform users about new release versions, improvements, bug fixes, and any additional information related to the Functionize platform. These notifications appear on the login page.

Functionize creates tests using a Google Chrome Extension to record your test flows. You can install the Chrome Extension using the following steps:

  1. Log into your Functionize account. On the main page, click the Install Plugin link at the top right of the page.


  2. Click the Add to Chrome button


  3. The Functionize Architect Chrome Extension has now been added to your browser and will automatically update whenever a new version of Architect is released

Functionize Architect:

    • Offers immediate feedback as the tester walks through the test flow by recording interactions with the application under test.
    • All recorded actions become visible steps for the tester to see in the Architect window, except Context Switch actions that are added after the test is saved.


You are now ready to move on to Training Session 1 - Create a Test & Execute.