Test Case Status

Functionize offers cross-browser compatibility, along with a color coding system to identify test case status. Browser compatibility includes Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge. Mobile Device support includes iOS and Android systems. 

Understanding Test Case Status

You will find the color-coded test case statuses under the Browsers column of the Test Listing page.



Test Case Status Key

Functionize displays a unique icon for every browser enabled for each test case. The following color coding system is then applied to offer the Test Case Status by browser:

        Status2.png  PASS - The test has passed.

        Status3.png  FAIL - The test has failed.

        Status10.png  PENDING - The test case is queued for a virtual machine assignment. This usually occurs when the tests are set up to run sequentially. This status can also occur if a limit has been placed on the number of concurrent tests that can be run.

         Status4.pngINCOMPLETE - An issue encountered while executing on the virtual machine. This is due to the action performing longer than the expected duration time indicated in the test case.

          Status5.pngWARNING - A performance issue on the app being tested such as a long page load, javascript error, or a URL mismatch.
The Action will display a yellow icon on the Test Detail page rather than a standard green Pass or red Fail icon. Open the Action Settings to see details about the warning and click the checkbox on the right to mark the warning as OK. The Action will update to display a green Pass icon.Status11Warning.pngStatus12Warning.png

Statuses Specific to NLP Tests

When NLP Tests are submitted for modeling, they can be found in the Modeling tab at the lower left of the Test Listing page. The status of the test will update based on where it is in the modeling process.
          Status13.png Status9.png Status8.png

Once the test has completed modeling, it will be found in the Active tab.

If an NLP test has encountered a blocker that needs to be reviewed by our engineers, the status icon in the Browsers column may display in yellow for "warning" and a wrench.
          Status6.pngCompatibility Review

Our engineers will review and work to remedy any blocking issues between the test and our system. While they review, the test is disabled for proper troubleshooting. Please contact the Support Team with questions about specific tests.