Escalating Support Tickets

Functionize Support tries to resolve all support-related enquiries as quickly as possible. In some cases one ticket may be more important than another.

When submitting a ticket please try to include information that will help Functionize Support categorize it correctly, like how many test cases a technical issue is impacting, or perhaps the Functionize app is not accessible to your team stopping all work. The detail provided in the initial ticket will help Support escalate the ticket correctly.

Tickets can also be escalated by users, team leads, and project leads. If a ticket is critical priority please indicate this in the original ticket or a follow up reply and provide any additional context that is available. 

The project or team lead can also reach out to the account representative who is acting as their main point of contact and provide them with the ticket number so they can work together with the support team to ensure the ticket is given the proper priority.