How to Edit a Page Object

To Edit a Page Object

  1. Go to the Page Objects tab on the Test Listing page. mceclip0.png
  2. Notice the black flag under the page object Test Name that indicates the method of test creation - Architect or Modeler, also known as NLP. For this user guide, we will have our focus on Architect created page objects. 
  3. Under the Actions column, clicking the More button will open a menu with four options:
    View | Edit page object | Test Cases | Folder
  4. Click Test Cases to open the "Test Case Listing" modal displaying each test associated with that Page Object. The eye icon under the Action column can be clicked to open the test in a new tab.
  5. Selecting Edit page object will open the modal to change the name of the Page Object.
  6. The Page Object name can also be edited inline by hovering over the name in the file path and clicking the pencil icon.
  7. The Folder option will open the modal to organize your Page Objects in new or existing folders.
  8. Clicking View will bring the user to the Page Object Actions screen.
  9. Add custom JS code, navigate, wait, or scroll actions by clicking the More button, selecting Actions, then clicking Add New Action.
  10. The "Add New Action" modal will open for you to select your action type. Click Continue and the "Add Action" modal specific to that action type will open for you to enter parameters and then click Submit.
  11. These actions can also be added by clicking the plus icon (available when you hover at the right end of any step) in the Page object.
  12. The pencil icon at the right end of each step includes options to Add Instruction Above, Attribute Editor, Edit Action Log, Live Edit, Delete, and Clone Action.
  13. Clicking the Expand Actions button in the upper right of the Page Object will expand each step for further editing. There is also an Expand Action button at the right end of each step to edit that specific step.Screen_Shot_2021-07-09_at_3.38.38_PM.pngScreen_Shot_2021-07-09_at_2.09.52_PM.png
  14. You can return to the Page Object list page of your project at any time by clicking the name of the Project in the file path.Screen_Shot_2021-07-09_at_2.07.55_PM_copy.png

Note: All the same functionality and more is available when a Page Object is included within a Test Case. In addition, the Slider View may be used for other advanced editing such as Smart Screenshots of Quick Select. Quick Select, unlike other edits to Page Objects only affect that particular test for that particular browser.

Parameterization may also be used from within a Test Case for scenarios where certain Page Object data may be different for specific test cases.