Editing Page Objects

Page Objects can be edited as easily as your test cases and be ready for use across your whole project.

  1. Open your Project.
  2. Click the Page Objects tab in the left panel. PageObjectsList.png
  3. Notice the black flag under the page object Test Name that indicates the method of test creation - Architect or Modeler. For this user guide, we will have our focus on Architect created page objects.  Modeler will display if Natural Language, or NLP was used to create the test.
  4. Under the Actions column, clicking the More button will open a menu with four options:
    View | Edit page object | Test Cases | Folder
  5. Click Test Cases to open the "Test Case Listing" modal displaying each test associated with that Page Object. The eye icon under the Action column can be clicked to open the test in a new tab.
  6. Selecting Edit page object will open the modal to change the name of the Page Object.
  7. The Page Object name can also be edited on the Page Object Actions page by hovering over the name in the file path and clicking the pencil icon.
  8. The Folder option will open the modal to organize your Page Objects in new or existing folders.
  9. Clicking View will bring the user to the Page Object Actions screen.
  10. Open the Actions Menu to Edit the name of the Page Object or download the Test Plan in a CSV file.
  11. Hover over the space between the Actions to see the Insert Action button. Click the button to open the Insert Menu. Select the Action you wish to add in the Page Object. NOTE: Element-based Actions can only be added via Slider View.
  12. A modal will open according to the Action selected including any necessary parameters to set. A second modal will open for you to confirm the addition of the Action as well as the number of tests using the Page Object.
  13. The inserted Action is now included in the Page Object.
  14. As with Test Cases, all Actions can be expanded to see the Settings, Flags, and Information available to that Action.
  15. Click the Action banner to expand. Each Action will contain a Settings and Advanced tab as well as buttons for Delete Action, Local Edit, and Clone Action.

Edit a Page Object in Slider View

  1. Click the View button to the right of any Action to see the Page Object in Slider View.
  2. As with Test Cases, all settings for each Action are available by clicking the gear icon. 
  3. Open the Actions menu for options to open Local Edit, perform a Quick Select where appropriate, or Delete the Action.
  4. Expand the Action to access the Optional and Skip Action flags.
  5. As with the Page Object Actions page and all Test Cases, hover between two Actions to see the Insert Action button. NOTE: Both Element-based Actions and non Element-based Actions are available to Insert when in Slider View.

Note: All the same functionality and more is available when a Page Object is included within a Test Case. In addition, the Slider View may be used for other advanced editing such as Smart Screenshots of Quick Select. Quick Select, unlike other edits to Page Objects only affect that particular test for that particular browser.

Parameterization may also be used from within a Test Case for scenarios where certain Page Object data may be different for specific test cases.