Session 2 - NLP Creation, Debugging & Editing Tests


NLP Creation, Debugging & Editing Tests 

Create a Test Case Using NLP

Read Create a Test Case Using NLP

Watch How to Create a Test Case Using NLP.mp4 (Duration 1:10)

Read  Importing Instructions in NLP

Read Attach/Upload a File to Use in an NLP Test Case 


Review a Test Case

Note: Only test cases that have been created via NLP need to be reviewed.

Read Review a Test Case Created via NLP

Read Execute a Test Case

Watch Review & Execute a Test Case.mp4  (Duration 1:08)

Debugging a Test Case

Read Diagnosing a Failed Test Case

Read How to Debug a Failing Test Case


Editing a Test Case

Read Edit/Maintain a Test Case 

Read Live Edit & Cached Edit

Read Action Log

Run History

Watch Run History.mp4  (Duration :20)

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