Session 1 - Create a Test & Execute


Create a Test & Execute

A test case is a specific scenario designed to test the functionality of an application or system, consisting of a set of steps, test data, and expected outcomes. Its purpose is to ensure that the application behaves as intended and meets the stakeholders' requirements.

  • Create a Project

Read Create a Project 

Watch How to Create a Project.mp4  (Duration: 31 seconds

  • Create a Test Case Using Architect 

Read Getting Started & Create a Test Case with Architect

Watch Test Case Creation via Architect(with Audio).mp4 (Duration: 2 minutes and 46 seconds)

  • Execute a Test Case

Read Executing Test Cases

Types Of Execution in Functionize Tool

    • Live Execution
    • Live Debugging
    • Headless Run
    • Run With Variable

Read Test Case Status

  • Tools in Architect

Read Generating Random Data & Email Address Creation

  • Cross Browser Support

Functionize supports executing tests on all major browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari. Both iOS and Android emulated devices are also supported. All infrastructure is handled by Functionize, and tests simply execute on your desired browser or device type after the initial setup.

Tests are initially modeled on the Chrome browser. After the test is approved in Chrome, cross-browser compatibility begins, and models are pushed to other supported browsers. The system adjusts the tests so that the same test case executes seamlessly across any browser.

During the initial compatibility phase, as Functionize learns your system, there may be a delay before you have access to your tests on all browsers. This is a one-time process as Functionize learns your site, establishes compatibility, and increases reliability.

We offer support for historical versions of browsers, if desired. Please reach out and let us know your requirements. Additionally, legacy browsers like Internet Explorer 11 can also be supported; however, this is on a case-by-case basis and is not included in a normal service package.


You are now ready to move on to Training Session 2 - Test Debugging & Editing.