Action Log Settings

Action Log Settings can be accessed from the Test Details page or the Slider view.

To Access Action Log Settings from Test Details Page

  1. Go to the Functional Tests tab.
  2. Select the test case, then click Actions>>Details.
  3. From any step, hover over the screenshot and the "Actions" pencil icon will appear, as shown below: mceclip0.png
  4. Click the Actions icon, then select Edit Action Log from the drop down menu to open the Action Log.
  5. Select the Settings tab and the following window will display:mceclip1.png

The list of options here in Action Log Settings, along with their definitions appear below:


Optional Action  Marks the action as "optional". This means by marking this action as optional, the action will be skipped if performing the action is not possible.  This may be used in A/B testing, or scenarios where the application may have multiple views of the same screen.

Suppress Action  Indicates a "skip" action. This indicates the action will be skipped during execution.

Skip Screenshot When marked, a screenshot will not be taken during execution for this action.

Clear Cookies When marked, cookies will be cleared prior to this action execution.

Skip Scroll When marked, the browser window will not attempt to scroll to the location of this action.

PreScript Here, custom Javascript can be added to execute before this action takes place.

Post Script Here, custom Javascript can be added to execute after this action takes place.


Action Retries Indicates the number of times the action will attempt to execute

Retry Interval Indicates the amount of time (in seconds) to wait in between each try of the action.


To Access Action Log Settings from the Slider View

1. Go to Slider view for the action.

2. Click the cog wheel icon from any action.

. Click Action Log button. *Notice some settings are available in shortcut format therein.