What's New in Version 3.16.0


  • TDM Data Source Creation now allows the ability to skip a step or mark a step as optional in the Data Source. In the Data Source .csv to be uploaded:
    • Suppress a Step, notated as [skip],  indicates the step will not run at all.
    • Marking the step as Optional, notated as [optional],  will attempt to perform the action, but not trigger a failure if it cannot be done.
  • Before and after screenshots have been added to run history as an enhancement to visually identify what occurred during execution pre and post action.
  • When a Data Source has been added to a test case and then the test case is deleted by the user, a pop up confirmation message has been added to TDM indicating the attached data source will also be deleted.


  • For the API tool, load times have been improved.
  • When actions are copied, they are now showing in the correct order.
  • Fixed an issue where Page Objects were showing in the incorrect environment.
  • Resolved an issue where parameterized Page Object values were not visible in the test case detail page.
  • Corrected an issue in the slider where previous images were not always showing from the last run test. 
  • An issue with screenshots not displaying on multiple page object copies has been resolved.