What's New in Version 3.17.0


  • A new usability feature has been added to the NLP test case creation process where a user can now simply click into the next row (field) and a new step row will automatically be added.  This eliminates the need for the user having to click into Actions >>Add New Step. 
  • Slider language changed for better experience. Specifically, Current Run has been replaced with Current URL and Current Run [url] has been replaced with Current Run [target url].
  • The ability to Add New Action in Page Objects is now available.
  • Browser = IE10 has been removed across entire product.
  • Stability periods have been removed from the product.
  • When verifying SVG elements, attribute text will not display on the bottom panel of the screenshot if there is no value for it.
  • TDM Data/Page Variable steps are now showing the complete url regardless of url length.
  • Last successful run for TDM Orchestrations will show per the TDM Orchestration run.
  • verifyattr_ has been removed from the atttribute drop down menu.
  • A delete confirmation message has been added when deletion is performed in Bulk Action.
  • Special characters in imported .csv/.xls are accepted when submitting an NLP test case.
  • A link has been added to any page object in a test case that links directly to the page object.


  • Fixed an issue where Data Sets were not loading when attempting to run an Orchestration.
  • An issue with page objects being removed from a tests case when performing Live edit has been resolved.
  • Removed the extra characters displaying on the slider with self heal test cases.
  • A reported issue with test case selection hanging when using the Import Actions feature was unique to the specific test case example and could not be replicated.
  • Corrected an issue where pagination on performance metrics was not loading all resources.
  • When copying a test case from one project to another, the project environment of the test case being copied will be available in the drop down.
  • Fixed an issue in Load Tests where Failed/Passed/Warning reports are now displaying correct data.
  • An issue with not being able to delete actions has been resolved. 
  • TDM DataSet now offers an [optional] option for data to be entered.


  • We have included a color coded progress bar when saving a test case created by Architect