What's New in Version 3.15.0


  • TDM Data Mapping now supports all character sets (support for French, Chinese, etc)
  • An "Attach All" feature has been added to TDM Auto Mapping for a more efficient attaching user experience when mapping many actions at once.
  • The ability to correct an iframe path issue in Live Edit is now available to include alerting the user on the need for correction, as well as an implemented autocorrect feature.



  • Improvements made to the speed of execution in TDM Orchestrations.
  • Performance improvements when working with TDM
  • Copy To function issue of adding an extra "www" to the copied URL is no longer present.
  • Step instructions are now included and showing detail in email alerts.
  • User workflow has been improved when using Attribute Editor, Live Edit and Action Log in the slider to eliminate the number of clicks needed to navigate back to screenshot page, improving overall performance.
  • Data Source name will no longer auto fill in TDM when adding a new data source.
  • Improvements made to the design of the slider and screenshots view where Last Successful Run is now present.