Project Settings

Once a project is created, the user is able to edit project settings.  These settings include:

  • General information about the project
  • Project site environment(s)
  • Settings related to performance alerting for a particular environment within a project
  • Browsers available for execution
  • Alerts

Project Settings

There are two (2) ways to edit the settings of an existing project.

Go to the Projects page and select the project to edit. Hover over the project, then click on the Edit icon.



  1. Open the Project to edit, click on the hamburger menu >> Edit Project.
  2. The Edit Project window will pop up. The tabs: include General, Project Environments, Browsers, Alerts and Upload Screenshot.

General Tab


The General tab is available to update basic project details, including the Title of the project and Login Accounts for the environment.

Click Save when ready.


Project Environments Tab


Activate the LiveStaging, and/or Development environments by adding the corresponding URL for each environment.

Add a New Environment by clicking on Add New Environment button. To learn more about site environments, click here.

Click Save when ready.


Browsers Tab


Functionize supports cross-browser execution for all projects. Supported browsers include:

  • Edge
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Safari

Select the browser(s) to include for test case and project execution. NOTE: If more browsers are required than what is currently displayed in this tab, please reach out to our Sales team to discuss.

Click Save when ready.


Alerts Tab


Send email alerts to identified email addresses.  If entering multiple email addresses, they must be separated with a comma.

Click Save when ready.


Upload Screenshot Tab


Upload a banner image for the project card. To upload select Choose File to open File Explorer. Select the file and attach.

Click Save when ready.