File Upload and Download Actions

File Upload/Download Actions Overview

When recording a test in the Architect, tests can download files from the site under test and upload files to site under test. However, during test execution, it can't access files on a Tester's computer. Therefore, for successful file upload actions, the file needs to be attached to the upload action or point to a previous file download action to be used with the file upload action.

File Download Action

Download Actions will capture the file being downloaded from site under test. This can be used as the source for a file Upload Action later in the test.

  • Before executing your test, the Download Action will not display the file as actively attached

  • Once you execute the test, the Download Action will have the file attached, which can be used in subsequent Actions

File Upload Action

Upload Actions will upload a file to the site under test. This can be used as a file directly attached to the Upload Action or reference a file from a previous Download Action earlier in the test.

Note: We recommend attaching your file via the Actions Tab on the Test Detail page before executing your test. Otherwise, Functionize will fail the Upload Action, as seen here:


Here is how to attach a file to your Upload Action:

  1. Open the Test Detail page to the Actions tab

  2. Expand the Upload Action to view the Action Settings

  3. Choose between uploading a file directly to the Upload Action, or uploading from a previous Download Action.

    • Direct File Attachment

      • Click the paper clip icon to open your file selector modal

      • While uploading and saving files, choose a single file from your local computer, it will upload and attach to your test Upload Action

    • Previous Action File Attachment

      • Open the Upload from Step drop-down menu

      • Select the corresponding previous Download Action

  4. Once the file is attached, Save the Upload Action

  5. The test is ready to execute now

Here's how to add multiple files to an Upload Action.

  1. Go to the Actions tab on the Test Detail page

  2. Expand the Upload Action to view the Action Settings

  3. Users can upload multiple files directly to the Upload Action with Direct File Attachment:

    • To access your file selection, click the paper clip icon or the Select Files button

    • While uploading and saving files, try to choose multiple files from your local computer, all files will be attached to the Upload Action

      Note: Select multiple files by using the Bulk select option check mark.

  4. Save the Upload Action after the file has been attached

  5. The user can now execute the test

  6. If the user wishes to replace multiple files that were attached after the execution, expand the Upload Action on the Browser TAB and remove the existing files
    Note: If the current file wasn't removed and the user attempts to attach new files directly, an error message 'Please remove existing file to upload new file' will be shown.

    • Without Removing

    • After removing and attaching a new file

  7. Save the changes done in the Upload Action

  8. The user may now re-run the test