File Upload and Download Actions

When recording a test in Architect, you can Download files from your test site and Upload files from your computer to your test site. However, when your test executes, it can't access your computer files. Therefore, for successful File Upload actions, you must attach your file to the Upload Action.

The file can be attached by uploading your specific file to the Action, or by referring to a File Download Action earlier in your test. 

We recommend attaching your file via the Actions Tab in the Test Detail Page before executing your test. Functionize will fail the Action if executed prior to attaching the file as seen here:

File Download Action

Download Actions will capture the file being downloaded from your site. This can be used as the source for a File Upload Action later in your test.

  • Before executing your test, the Download Action will not display the file as actively attached.
  • Once you execute the test case, the Download Action will have the file attached which can be used in subsequent Actions.

File Upload Action

Attach a file to your Upload Action.

  1. Open the Test Detail page to the Actions tab.
  2. Expand the Upload Action to view the Action Settings.
  3. Choose between uploading a file directly to the Upload Action, or to upload from a previous Download Action.
    • Direct file attachment:
      1. Click the paper clip icon to open your file selector modal.
      2. Select the file from the modal. The file will upload to your test.
    • Dependent file attachment:
      1. Open the Upload from Step drop-down menu.
      2. Select the corresponding Download Action.
  4. Once the file is attached, Save the Action.
  5. Execute the Test.