What's New in Version 3.14.0


  • Major design improvements on for Data Set Management when creating Orchestrations.  
  • Data Sets now support reorganization via drag & drop.
  • There is now the option to quickly rename a Data Set after creation.
  • Auto-Mapping of the TDM template now includes clicks.
  • There is now the ability to select all rows from a Data Source when creating Data Sets from a single Data Source within an Orchestration.
  • A Computer Vision tool tip now shows on hover if a CV tag exists.
  • Alert emails now showing test step instruction along with the step number and error.


  • Fixed an issue where the Info window of the test case was not displaying the entire window of information.
  • The mobile browser device checkbox is now fully functioning when attempting to enable browser settings.
  • When an Orchestration warning is marked as OK, the orchestration page and statistical reports will display in green.
  • Corrected the displayed syntax of a downloaded .csv file in NLP test creation.
  • Corrected the formatting of long text instructions, as well as long url's.
  • Fixed an issue where JS Verify slider information was not matching the Operator Run under Data tab.
  • Resolved a consistency issue between the slider and test case details views for skipped actions.


  • Resolved issue where not all actions were available after saving using Live Edit.