What's New in Version 3.13.0

Product Updates

  • The Scroll action has been added to the Add New Action drop down menu.  There are now 4 actions: Wait, Custom Code, Navigate and Scroll.
  • When using custom JS, the user now has a JS icon displaying in both the test steps as well as the test case detail page.
  • The user will now see a + icon in the NLP test case creation window indicating a .csv file has been uploaded as a page object.  
  • Redesign of the test details page has been completed for more a more uniform presentation to the user to include updated formatting on individual step flags and pass/fail icons.
  • A user will not be allowed to delete a page object if that page object is attached to an existing test case.  If a delete is attempted, an error message will pop up advising the user that their Page Object has been included in Test Cases.
  • When adding a new action in the Action Log, the drop down menu will now provide not only the step number but also the sub step numbers.
  • When an Orchestration is still running, the user will see a message that indicates the orchestration is still in progress and to check back once all executions have been completed.
  • Added support for .xls files as a data source.


  • Fixed an issue where the test was showing failed at the project level though no steps were actually failing.
  • Resolved multiple issues with page objects to include save loading time duration and saving page objects error message.
  • Status search feature issue on the project dashboard has been fixed to display correct status on filtering.
  • Fixed an issue with run history not loading properly.  Now run history data is loading simultaneously when loading steps.
  • Resolved an issue where test case status was displaying incorrect status. 
  • Corrected an issue where the slider, when opened, was overlapping the browser tabs on display.
  • Test case details are now displaying correctly for mobile browser test cases.
  • Performance improvements made on the test details pages.
  • Resolved an issue in the action log where "if" conditions were not displaying correctly.
  • When creating a project environment, an IP and port domain will now successfully save in the Development or Staging environment whereas an error message was previously indicating this was not a valid/qualified domain.
  • An NLP test plan can now be created using an IP address.


  • Test cases created by Architect are now displaying correct verify test results in the test results page.
  • An issue has been resolved where sometimes Architect did not launch correctly.
  • Modeled and Architect screenshots are now showing in the action log of Architect created tests cases.