Test Data Management (TDM) - Orchestrations

Why TDM Orchestrations?

Creating Orchestrations with Data Sets is how to do Data Driven Testing. Once an orchestration is created, Data Sets will need to be set up for use within the orchestration. 

Each row of the Data Source is one Data Set.

To Create an Orchestration with Test Data

  1. Go to Orchestrations, select create new orchestration.
  2. Fill in the required fields and select TDM Run for the Orchestration Run Type.


Of note, on the Advanced tab, the dataset can be executed in Parallel (default/ideal) or Sequentially based on the TDM Run Order Setting. (see below) 


If the dataset to be  used hasn't been added to the account yet, click Actions >> TDM Dataset. Name the dataset and upload the CSV file that was created on the Test Details page.


The Data Set management Modal should appear. Existing datasets will show up here with their corresponding names (DSO-Default, DS1, DS2, DS3, DS4 in this example).

Additionally, from this screen, you can edit the Default Data Sets as denoted with the *. If a Data Set is set as a Default set, when the orchestration is run on a schedule, these datasets will always be executed. Multiple Data Sets can be set as the Default set as well.


To add a new Data Set, click Screen_Shot_2020-03-25_at_2.25.48_PM.png and enter the Data Set Name for the new data set. If there are multiple Data Source within the Orchestration, the row for each Data Source record must be selected. 


To change the name of a data set, simply update the data set name via the input field of that row. The default DSO-Default data set name cannot be changed. 


*Notice the ability to select mceclip4.pngin the upper left hand corner.  This allows the user the option to select/unselect all the rows to turn into a dataset. The ability to now drag n drop to rearrange the data set rows using a crosshair mouse function is also available. 

Once all rows are selected for all Data Sources, click Submit to save the new Data Set. 

Running the Orchestration

When executing a TDM orchestration, you will be asked to select the Data Sets you wish to execute. If this Orchestration is running on a schedule, instead of On Demand, only the Default Data Sets will be executed.


Select the Data Sets you wish to run and click Submit.

Viewing Results

Once the Orchestration is complete, viewing Orchestration Results will show each test that executed along with each Data Set.