Test Data Management (TDM) - Data Source Creation


Another way to access the Test Data Management is to select the TDM menu in the main navigation menu.


How to Add a New Data Source in the TDM Tab

Select the TDM tab in the navigation menu. Once the page loads, a list of previous data sources will populate.


To add a data source directly from this page, select the Add New Data Source button  Add_New_Data_Source.png.

Add New Data Source popup window will open.

Follow the Add New Data Source instructions in the previous section above to complete the upload, then click Submit.


The ability to skip a step or mark a step as optional in the Data Source is also available. In the Data Source .csv to be uploaded:

  • Suppress a Step, notated as [suppress],  indicates the step will not run at all.
  • Marking the step as Optional, notated as [optional],  will attempt to perform the action, but not trigger a failure if it cannot be done.


How to Connect a Database Table when Adding a Data Source

One of the options when adding a New Data Source is to select DB as the File Type. Connecting a Database will keep a persistent connection to that database while running tests. 


In this new window, fill out:

  1. Name - The name of the Data Source
  2. Server IP The IP Address of your Database
  3. Server Type - Currently we only support Mysql
  4. DB Name - The name of the database you will be connecting to.
  5. Credentials - The appropriate username and password to connect to your database
  6. Query - The select query to define what columns, table, and where clause you wish to use to pull data.

Then click Submit.

When complete, you can attach this data to actions as you would with any other type of Data Source.

In the list of open data sources, a user can also:

Edit.png   Edit

View.png   View test case listings

Delete.png   Delete data sources