Test Variables

Test Variables are accessible within a single test case and cannot be passed from one test to another. To pass variables from one test to another use Project Variables. The advantage of Test Variables is that they can be used incredibly quickly and easily, as shown below.

Test Variables

From the main screen of the Architect:

  1. Start the Architect by selecting the record button  Record_button.png
  2. Verify an element using the verify button (at least one item needs to be verified to use Test Variables) Flag.png
  3. Click the plus icon  Plus.png 


Select Test Variables

Test_Variables_2.pngSelect an existing step of the test case to use as a variable.


Select any attribute of the existing step that will be passed into a subsequent step of the test case. The value of the variable will show so that it can be visually confirmed.


Select a Step Attribute.


Step Value will populate.


If required, use an Operator to parse the value of the attribute.


Select Set Target to input the test variable into a field.